Title 17 – § 1219.2 – Urine Collection and Retention

Title 17 – § 1219.2

Urine Collection and Retention

(a)  The only approved urine sample shall be a sample collected no sooner than twenty minutes after first voiding the bladder.

(b)  The specimen shall be deposited in a clean, dry container which also contains a preservative.

(c)  In order to allow for analysis by the defendant, the remaining portion of the sample shall be retained for one year after the date of collection.

(1)  Whenever a sample is requested by the defendant for analysis and a sufficient sample remains, the forensic alcohol laboratory or law enforcement agency in possession of the original sample shall continue such possession, but shall provide the defendant with a portion of the remaining sample in a clean container together with a copy or transcript of the identifying information carried by the original sample container.

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