“I know Attorney Terry. I can attest to the fact that Attorney Terry uses his reputation, knowledge and experience to minimize or eliminate the consequences that may come as a result of being accused of a crime. He has a well-earned and true reputation for being a professionally aggressive trial lawyer. Most of all I trust him. I know you will too.”


“Firestorm – that is what Matt Terry is. He out works, out learns, and out lawyers the opposition. He is a dedicated and fierce advocate who truly is about mastering his craft. His approach to lawyering is something he was born with – it cannot be learned. You can learn the law, you cannot learn passion. Matt Terry was born to be a lawyer. To his client’s benefit – he has chosen DUI as his area of practice. San Diego is lucky to have him as part of our legal community.”

  • James Fox, Criminal Defense Attorney in Oceanside, CA


“Matt is an exceptionally bright, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and aggressive attorney. He has quickly gained a reputation in the San Diego legal and law enforcement communities as a “rising star” among DUI defense attorneys. I certainly consider him one of the more talented DUI attorneys I’ve known, and have no reservations giving him a strong and unqualified endorsement.”

  • Lawrence Taylor, Nationally Renowned DUI Trial Lawyer
  • Literally wrote the book on DUI Defense; his books are referred to as “The Bible of DUI Defense”
  • www.duicentral.com


“Matthew is one San Diego’s finest DUI attorneys. I would highly recommend you seek his advice should you find yourself facing a DUI charge in San Diego County.”

  • DUI Attorney Vince Tucci, President of the California DUI Lawyers Association
  • Irvine, CA
  • http://www.caduilaw.com/


“This attorney immediately casts a spell over the room when he performs. One of the most striking communicators I’ve ever seen. I worked daily with Mr. Terry on cross-examination and closing arguments. You can’t teach what he is able to do. Despite obvious talent, this guy does not stop working. It would be unsettling if he didn’t look like enjoyed it so much. Very talented trial lawyer. I endorse Matt Terry without any reservation.”


“I endorse this lawyer. Matt is a positive, forthright, and enthusiastic person. These attributes have obviously carried over into his practice and, combined with his intelligence, determination, and practicality, make Matt a fabulous lawyer and advocate.”


“Being a (lifetime) member of the National College for DUI Defense, and WV State Delegate, for over a decade now, I have been privileged to work with and get know many of the finest DUI defense attorneys in the country. Matthew Terry is indeed a rising star in our industry heading straight for this status as well. He has excellent work ethic and desire to learn, grow and passionately defend his clients. I proudly endorse Matthew Terry and do so without hesitation.” 


“I endorse this lawyer. Matt Terry is an exceptional criminal defense and DUI attorney. He is a fellow member of the National College of DUI Defense and really makes sure he has mastered the latest defenses and trial tactics available to defend his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to a close friend or family member.”

  • Attorney Craig Sturm, Criminal Defense Attorney in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Coined “One of the Best in the West” as a trial lawyer
  • http://www.iwin4you.com/


“ I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Terry at the Standardized Field Sobriety Test practitioner’s course in Irvine, California. Mr. Terry demonstrated a mastery of the subject matter. I also know Mr. Terry to be very involved with the National College for DUI Defense. Mr. Terry is well known to be an excellent attorney and a trustworthy person. If every in the need of a highly qualified DUI attorney I would not hesitate in contacting him. I highly recommend Mr. Terry.”

  • Joseph Rome, DUI / DWI Attorney in Bellevue, WA
  • Trained with the legendary Gerry Spence at the Famed Trial Lawyer’s College
  • http://www.josephrome.com/


“Matt is a terrific attorney. His knowledge of DUI law, particularly with respect to the DMV process, is encyclopedic. I give him five out of five stars.”


“I met Matt through the National College for DUI Defense and he immediately stood out to me as a man of outstanding character and dedication to the profession. I have been privileged to get to know many of our nation’s finest DUI defense attorneys and Matt Terry is undoubtedly amongst this group. He has excelled in his community quickly and gained a reputation for being a zealous advocate and will continue to do so as his career progresses. His dedication to his clients and is unmatched. I loudly and proudly endorse Matt Terry. The citizen accused could find no better. The fact he is a dear friend is but a bonus!”

  • Trial Lawyer Amanda Bynum
  • Tuscon, AZ


“Matt is one of the up and coming stars in the DUI legal community. His commitment to his clients is unmatched. With a long history of attending educational opportunities through membership in the National College of DUI Defense and California DUI Lawyers Association, Matt is without a doubt one of the finest DUI attorney’s in the state. Matt is consistent, tenacious, and stalwart with a passion for the Constitutional protections afforded all citizens of this country. His capacity for insight into the law is equaled by his compassion, understanding and empathy for his clients. Simply put, if you are in need of a lawyer anywhere in the San Diego County area, you would be lucky to have your case handled by Matt Terry.” 

  • Richard Middlebrook, DUI Attorney in Bakersfield, CA
  • Coined “Middlebrook the Great” for his courtroom feats
  • http://www.kerncountylaw.com/

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