Gov Code §800 (Arbitrary & Capricious Conduct by the DMV)

Government Code §800.

(a) In any civil action to appeal or review the award, finding, or other determination of any administrative proceeding under this code or under any other provision of state law, except actions resulting from actions of the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, if it is shown that the award, finding,or other determination of the proceeding was the result of arbitrary or capricious action or conduct by a public entity or an officer thereof in his or her official capacity, the complainant if he or she prevails in the civil action may collect from the public entity reasonable attorney’s fees, computed at one hundred dollars ($100) per hour, but not to exceed seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), if he or she is personally obligated to pay the fees in addition to any other relief granted or other costs awarded.

(b) This section is ancillary only, and shall not be construed to create a new cause of action.

(c) The refusal by a public entity or officer thereof to admit liability pursuant to a contract of insurance shall not be considered arbitrary or capricious action or conduct within the meaning of this section.


This section applies to Writs of Mandamus (a.k.a. Writs of Mandate) appealing DMV hearing decisions.

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