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An effective San Diego DUI attorney is an effective San Diego DUI litigator. Simply put, what separates the extraordinary results from the ordinary is the litigation. How much court time is put into each and every client’s case? What is truly argued?

When you are arrested for a DUI in San Diego County — whether the courthouse is in North County (Vista) or in East County (El Cajon) or in South County (Chula Vista) or in  downtown San Diego  — you approach an attorney for a number of reasons. Many people feel guilty but they’re looking for damage control in their professional and personal lives. Many others know they are innocent and will fight the accusations every step of the way.

And still, the vast majority of people really don’t know whether they are actually guilty or not. They are told by the officer that they are guilty; that the breath test came back at or above the legal limit. Yet, they hold a nagging feeling that something isn’t right; they know they felt fine at time they drove and it just doesn’t add up.

Realizing you can’t take your pulse and know what your true Blood Alcohol Concentration is (at the time the decision is made to drive), you have to rely on your internal “scan” — how do I feel? Many people feel absolutely fine at that point and just don’t understand why they were arrested or how they could possibly have been over the limit.

Maybe your intuition was correct. Just maybe you were fine to drive. Maybe your BAC was not a 0.08%. It’s more common than you think. You were not guilty of DUI.

The Field Sobriety Tests and the Chemical Tests are both SCIENTIFIC tests, requiring clinical, SCIENTIFIC precision. Yet, most of the time, there is a troubling lack of precision in both. And even when these tests are administered according to perfect protocol, there are a variety of factors which can truly cause an inflated blood-alcohol reading or less-than-perfect field sobriety tests. Again, trust your intuition and stand by it. Many people walk away with DUI convictions that are simply point-blank innocent of the crime. This has been demonstrated again and again.

The menus that follow from this page are LITIGATION-SPECIFIC menus, regarding litigation law for San Diego DUI arrests. It’s the law (and science) that the truly effective DUI attorneys are proficient in and know how to advocate within.

The massive size of the San Diego DUI Attorney field is ridiculous. That said, there are an elite handful of San Diego DUI attorneys who know how to argue the motions (the pre-trial issues); know how to successfully present real science to the jury and do so on a regular basis; continually stretch their own skill-set toward that never-ending quest for mastery of craft. THESE attorneys all know and respect each other. They rely on each other extensively. It’s a small brotherhood of courtroom warriors that hold the government to its burden of proof — which many times, the evidence falls short. 


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