Title 17 – § 1217.3 – Report of Change or Discontinuance

§ 1217.3

Report of Change or Discontinuance

(a)  A person responsible for the operation of a forensic alcohol laboratory shall report to the Department in writing within 30 days any change in qualified personnel who may be performing forensic alcohol analysis, change of ownership, change of address or change or discontinuance of an activity authorized under these regulations.

(b)  Such reports shall be made on forms furnished by the Department and shall set forth all pertinent information called for by the form.

(c)  Persons who formerly qualified as forensic alcohol supervisors or forensic alcohol analysts in another laboratory may be required to demonstrate again their ability to meet the requirement of Section 1216.1 (e) (3) or 1216.1 (f) (4) using the method, apparatus and facilities of the forensic alcohol laboratory which newly lists them in such a Report of Change or Discontinuance.


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