Title 17 – § 1220.2 – Standards of Procedure

Title 17 – § 1220.2

Standards of Procedure

(a)  Methods for forensic alcohol analysis shall meet the following standards of procedure:

(1)  The method shall be calibrated with standards which are water solutions of alcohol.

(A)  Such alcohol solutions are secondary standards.

(B)  Each forensic alcohol laboratory shall establish the concentration of each lot of secondary alcohol standards it uses, whether prepared or acquired, by an oxidimetric method which employs a primary standard, such as United States National Bureau of Standards potassium dichromate;

(2)  The procedure shall include blank and secondary alcohol standard samples at least once each day that samples are subjected to forensic alcohol analysis.

(A)  The blank and secondary alcohol standard samples shall be taken through all steps of the method used for forensic alcohol analysis of samples.

(3)  The procedure shall also include analysis of quality control reference samples as described in Section 1220.3 and shall include at least duplicate analyses of samples for forensic alcohol analysis.

(A)  A quality control reference sample shall not be taken from the same lot of alcohol solution which is used as a secondary alcohol standard.

(4)  Alcohols or other volatile organic solvents shall not be used to wash or rinse glassware and instruments used for alcohol analysis;

(5)  All instruments used for alcohol analysis shall be in good working order and routinely checked for accuracy and precision.

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