Title 17 – § 1222.1 – Forensic Alcohol Laboratory Records

Title 17 – § 1222.1

Forensic Alcohol Laboratory Records

(a)  Each laboratory which is licensed to perform forensic alcohol analysis shall keep the following records for a period of at least three years:

(1)  An up-to-date record of persons in its employ who are qualified as forensic alcohol supervisors and forensic alcohol analysts; the record shall include the qualifications of each such person, including education, experience, training and performance in proficiency tests and examinations;

(2)  A list of persons in its employ who are forensic alcohol analyst trainees, the date on which each such person began his training period and the number and results of analyses performed during the training period;

(3)  Records of samples analyzed by that laboratory under these regulations, their results and the identity of persons performing the analyses;

(4)  Records of the quality control program;

(5)  Records of laboratory performance evaluation in alcohol analysis as shown by results of proficiency tests;

(6)  Records of such determinations of accuracy of breath testing instruments as a laboratory may perform for law enforcement agencies;

(7)  Records of such training as a laboratory may provide to persons who operate breath testing instruments for law enforcement agencies.


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